Delivery and Postage

Postage is calculated by weight and is based on Royal Mail delivery within the UK. Delivery outside the UK (to certain countries) is possible on certain items and should the need occur then by all means contact our customer service team for a quote. 

We aim to dispatch orders within 3 - 5 working days.

Standard Pricing:     

                        Standard 0-1000g - £1.99
                        Standard 1001g-1250g - £2.36
                        Standard 1251g-1500g - £2.58
                        Standard 1501g-1750g - £2.58
                        Standard 1751g-2000g - £2.58

1st Class Pricing:     
                        1st Class 0-750g - £2.66
                        1st Class 1001g-1250g - £2.87
                        1st Class 1251g-1500g- £3.14
                        1st Class 1501g-1750g- £3.41
                        1st Class 1751g-2000g- £3.68
                        1st Class 2001g-2250g - £5.61
                        1st Class 2251g-2500g - £5.93
                        1st Class 2501g-2750g - £6.23
                        1st Class 2751g-3000g - £6.55
                        1st Class 3001g-3250g- £6.87
                        1st Class 3251g-3500g- £7.19
                        1st Class 3501g-3750g - £7.49
                        1st Class 3751g-4000g - £7.81

Special Delivery:

Orders received before 12 noon (Mon to Thur) will be prioritised and dispatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Due to the nature of personalisation there will be the occasional need to ship the following day though same day dispatch is by far the normal scenario. Saturday Special Delivery is also available on orders received before 12 noon on a Friday

Special Delivery 0-1000g (Standard+£6.59) - £8.58

Special Delivery 1001g-1250g(Standard+£6.59)- £8.95

Special Delivery 1251g-1500g (Standard+£6.59)- £9.17

Special Delivery 1501g-1750g (Standard+£6.59)- £9.17

Special Delivery 1751g-2000g (Standard+£6.59)-£9.17

Saturday Special Delivery:

Sat Spec Delivery 0-1000g (Standard+£9.16) - £11.15

Sat Spec Delivery 1001g-1250g (Standard+£9.16) - £11.52

Sat Spec Delivery 1251g-1500g (Standard+£9.16) - £11.74

Sat Spec Delivery 1501g-1750g (Standard+£9.16) - £11.74

Sat Spec Delivery 1751g-2000g (Standard+£9.16) - £11.74